Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So this impending cold front made me think of another issue at the Statehouse. On days when it's cold like this, being in the halls as the Statehouse really isn't too bad. Sure, if there's snow you'll maybe find some slick spots or salt on the floors, but it's usually pretty nice.

However, since this is Indiana's long session and should probably go through late April, early May, the temperature inside the Statehouse isn't always so nice. I can remember a few occasions where it was just flat-out hot in the halls. When it's 60 or 70 degrees outside, you add in the body heat (and plenty of hot air) from a few hundred lobbyists, a few hundred onlookers from the general public, add a suit (and a few extra pounds from eating too much all session) and you get a pretty toasty atmosphere.

But life is good for the foreseeable future, so no worries.

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