Monday, November 21, 2011

So it's been a while

Once again, things are starting to ramp up in legislative circles. Recently, I've had a couple of client activities, but things are relatively calm. The main work has been with a client who is pro-actively proposing legislation this year. This particular client was a specialty type of insurance and we had an ally in a state association of these insurers. Unfortunately, the state association is not paying for a lobbyist this year, so I'll be going it alone.

The client texted me an requested a meeting. Those client contacts are always a little nerve-racking (sp?) and I automatically do a review in my head to make sure I haven't dropped the ball or failed them in some way. I felt good about the meeting, but you never know.

So the meeting was them asking for guidance in how to approach this year. We set out a plan and I've started preparing for the 2012 session for them.

As the Superbowl is in Indianapolis this year, many in the lobbying community are speculating about the length of the session. (As a reminder, Indiana's legislature is a part-time citizen legislature that meets for long and short sessions in alternating years). Since the Superbowl will be in the middle of session, and the legislators will need to give up their hotel rooms, some are speculating the year could end well ahead of the late March deadline.

In thinking about the new folks entering in to politics/lobbying, a new suggestion comes to mind (thanks to my teen daughters): focus on the person speaking, and not your texts/facebook updates. I don't care if your grandmother is in the hospital and your mom is calling...when you are dealing with a client or legislator, you focus 100% of your attention on them and not your girlfriend's text.

Sorry...was that the bitter rant of an old man?