Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleepy & Smelly

I was quite excited one day to get to meet with two Senators to discuss an issue very important to the insurance industry. The meeting was set up for 1 p.m. in their caucus room (where all the Senators of that political party meet to discuss bills and positions).

So the meeting starts and I make small talk for a bit, but notice they were getting sleepy eyes so I transitioned over to the issue I wanted to discuss. Well, as soon as I started discussing the issue, they started to get really sleepy. Admittedly it wasn't a very exciting issue, so I tried to speed things up.

No kidding, not more than five minutes into my talk one of them was out cold and the other could barely keep his eyes open. I wish he had just zonked out too because next thing I know, he breaks wind. I watched his reaction, there was none, so I put on my best face, tried not to chuckle like an 8 year old and kept on. Then the smell hit me. Well, I wrapped up my talk about 30 seconds later and thanked them for their time. I made sure I made enough noise to wake the first Senator up and got the heck out of the room. (they ended up voting with the position I advocated).

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