Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday session day?

Me thinks something smells funny. Typically, the Indiana House of Representatives meets Monday through Thursday and gets outta Dodge by lunch on Thursday. However, this week, they aren't in today, but are coming in tomorrow. Since the House is controlled by Democrats and most of them would seem to be interested in attending the inauguration, I would wager that our President-elect is going to stop in Indiana tomorrow and journey east just like the former President he's trying to emulate. (Prior to his inauguration, President Lincoln gave a speech in Indianapolis on the south side of the Statehouse.) If my hunch is correct and Mr. President-elect is coming, let's see if he's willing to brave the cold.


  1. Oooh good call! I didn't even think of that possibility; but also thought it strange that the House was going to be in tomorrow. I bet you are right! Hey, is it just me or is there nowhere at all a listing for any of the insurance committees meeting any time soon?

  2. Probably not any need for any insurance hearings right away, but I imagine Craig will have some stuff cooking after next week!