Monday, January 12, 2009

LinkedIn State Lobbyist Groups

If anyone ever actually finds this blog and is a state lobbyist (or has an interest in them), feel free to join my LinkedIn group "State Lobbyists".  I'm pretty darned impressed with the whole thing since it's up to about 250 members.  At this point there hasn't been a great deal of communications between folk, but I've seen glimmers here and there. 

It's my humble opinion that state lobbyists can be helpful for one another across state lines.  Back in the day, if you had a client that needed a lobbyist in another state, some lobbyists may have a relationship or two which could be helpful for that client, but I'm just one of those junkies who think that technology is quite an amazing tool and it's just now starting to really enter the government affairs world.

I had a contact from a lobbyist in a southern state who said he's looking to expand his group into other states.  He basically is looking for lobbyists in other states who are looking to retire in a few years or who want to be part of a larger group.  It's pretty neat to see and it makes perfect sense that a state lobbyist could create a name brand to extend across state lines.  More often than not, a client does business in multiple states, so if you are a firm that can offer services in other locations, then you've got that much up on the competition.

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