Thursday, July 30, 2009

it's been a while

Ok, so the summer is here and it's been pretty quiet. So what does a self-employed lobbyist do during the off-months?

I've been having a few meetings with legislators for clients, meeting with potential new clients, meeting with staff and other interested parties.

Since Indiana's session of the General Assembly doesn't start again until January, it's really about setting things up for next year at this point. Since we had a special session that lasted until the end of June, I've pretty much been staying out of legislators hair. However, this week, I've started setting meetings up for August & beyond.

Legislators are regular folks (for the most part). They want to have some down time as well. I've also found that when you do want to visit with them, they appreciate it when you take the time to go visit with them in their districts.

So I'll be putting a few miles on the Tacoma over the next few months as summer morphs into fall.

If anyone stumbles across this blog and has questions, feel free to drop me a note ( and I'll respond to your inquiry.

Summer sure is swell, but I'm looking forward to ramping up again for next year.

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