Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tough one

Today's request came from a young Brazilian gentleman who wants to lobby for his home country in DC. He has a pretty terrific academic background, so I suggested that since he already knows his economics, he might consider gaining some relationships and ties to DC as the next step in pursuing his dream.

I did a search on the U.S. Clerk of the House of Representatives site and found quite a few results for "Brazil" clients being represented in DC.

I still think it's really amazing to help some folks find their way into this field. Hopefully each of them will retain some awe of the process while they're in the game. When someone gets burned out, it's a shame. Government Affairs should be a calling for those with a passion, rather than a paycheck. Generally, I think that holds true for the majority of lobbyists, but when you see someone who has lost it, you just want to ask them why they still do it for a living...obviously it's probably because of the money, but maybe they will find a client or issue that will revive their spirits.

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