Monday, March 30, 2009

Government intervention

It's never been my intention to use this blog for a particular issue (other than lobbying), but I think the most recent action taken in the name of "saving" GM is too much. The idea that the government/President can "ask" a CEO to step down is absolutely horrifying. I believe that goes beyond anything even remotely close to the founding principles of this nation.

I will hold my tongue on most any issue the President and Congress advocate as they were elected to do so. However, the prospect of Washington D.C. telling private industry who should be running their companies is shocking. If any citizen has more confidence in Washington D.C. running a private company than anyone else, they are either blinded by partisan enthusiasm or they are simply idiots.

Pardon my language, but I believe this (beyond everything else that has happened to this point in bailing out failed institutions) signals some VERY dark clouds on the horizon. I don't fear anything long-term at this point, but I don't believe this bodes well. Let's pray I'm wrong and I'll just get back to lobbying again.

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