Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Out of hibernation

Well, it's been a very, VERY long time since I've posted anything on here. I'm amazed that people connect with this blog, so I think I might want to re-engage as quite a bit has changed over the last few years. First, I'm no longer lobbying. I lost my big client and couldn't afford to get by on my smaller clients and I was unwilling to whore myself out to lobby for the highest bidder. Do I miss it? Yes and no. I miss the fight. I miss the struggle to position my clients for a win (or minimal defeat). I miss influencing the laws of my State. I miss being self-employed. But what I don't miss are the questionable motivations of my peers and those to whom I was advocating. Lobbying, for me, was always about the altruistic belief in my clients and the policies I advocated. I continue to believe that only those who believe in what they are advocating, are "good" lobbyists. Plenty of folks make good money lobbying, but for me, it was only about the money when it came to providing for my family. It was more of a belief that good people can and should engage in our governing bodies. I have my political and philosophical beliefs that influenced what I advocated and for whom, but I never got upset or frustrated when battling a like-minded opponent. I only found it difficult when I was working with a legislator or another lobbyist who had ulterior motives. Anyway, I'll start to monitor this site a bit more and will try to respond to requests and posts more. Some things are in the works on the job-front and personal life that has rekindled my interest in the political realm...and, I'm trying to keep a more positive personal approach to life these days (not that I was bad before, but I did get a bit snarky at times), so I will try and have fun with subjects and topics as they pop into my usually-cloudy brain. Mike

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