Monday, January 4, 2010


Since session starts tomorrow, the work starts to pick up now. In addition to the typical stuff any other lobbyist has to do (find out which bills are moving and who is pushing them and why), I will be going through the legislation filed to this point in order to send out a weekly summary to my clients.

This is typically most difficult at the beginning of session since there will probably be about 100 bills that deal with insurance issues. The off-set is that things move pretty slow during the first week or two of session, so I should be able to whittle down the list of bills that actually have a chance of moving pretty quickly. I suspect my laptop will be traveling companion for the first few weeks of session, then the iphone will take over. Off subject here, but I'm still undecided on the iphone. Don't get me wrong, I love the Oregon Trail game app, but there are occasions where the calls won't go through on the first attempt or two and sometimes the internet cuts out in mid-search.

So today, I'm finally doing some cleaning up and organizing in my home office so I can operate a bit more efficiently during session. I'll also be hanging a nice photo from my soon-to-be brother-in-law who may be my new man-crush since it was the 1985 Bears Superbowl team photo.

Tomorrow will be a long day, so nothing like jumping back in head first. I haven't decided when I'll be going in. Probably after lunch since session typically starts at 1 and 1:30 for each chamber.

Oh, the other off-topic subject is back to the gym now. I do enough outside during the summertime, and the fall is a mixed-bag, but in the winter, especially during session, it is a great outlet for any tension and anger...might need to add a few songs to the phone. Happy New Year all!

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