Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Client #4

Well, I picked up client number four last week. How cool is that?! Just when I think I'm perfectly content, I get another good client. Now, I know that one of my clients has hired me to help them get a contract with the state (an executive branch contract), so if they don't get that, then I assume they'll discontinue our contract, but I think they've got a shot, so I hope they'll continue a contract after it is awarded.

Revenue is good and is a good balance between the clients. I think I probably need another one or two to have a better fiscal balance (not being overly dependent on any one contract), but I'm really looking forward to this year's session of the Indiana General Assembly (partly because it's probably only going to be two months long)!

I do want to pursue slow growth with my client list. I think going into this year's session with four clients is probably a perfect number. I don't want to over-promise to my clients. So, if things go well enough this year with four, I can see how much capacity I have for the 2011 session.

Anyway, things are awesome!

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