Monday, February 2, 2009

Client growth & conflicts

Last week, I got a phone call from a friend who mentioned a couple of issues that were circulating through the legislature that might present an opportunity for me to offer a group additional representation. (The group already has a lobbyist, but they are in a tough fight and could use more help).

Well, I called my ONE signed client to see if they objected to my advocating for this other issue and they said yes they would be opposed. Admittedly, their position is understandable and I don't write this as an statement on their objection, but rather to point out the fact that client conflicts are a part of the business.

I have made it a point with my little start-up firm to ask my existing client(s) if they oppose my taking on a new client. I just feel like if someone had enough faith in my services to pay me in the first place, then they will take priority over new clients. I want to keep clients for the long-run, not just blowing where the dollars go.

From my perspective, a good lobbyist is one who understands the issues impacting his/her clients, but also understands the company or group they represent. This takes time. Other clients without conflicts will come along.

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